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Legal aid for natural persons
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Professional service for business customers
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Individual approach to each case
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About The Advocate Office

The Advocate Office of Advocate Lukas Butryn provides services to natural and legal persons, defending their rights and caring for their interests. The main office of the Advocate Office is located in Rzeszow, however, it provides services as needed throughout the country, as well as abroad.

Advocate Lukas Butryn is a law graduate at Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University (AFMKU). He completed his apprenticeship at the District Bar Council in Rzeszów (entered into the list of attorneys at RZE/ADW/1310). Currently a participant of a doctoral seminar in the field of criminology under the scientific direction of prof. dr hab. Jan Widacki.

During his professional career, he gained experience in reputable advocate’s office in Rzeszów and Kraków.

The Advocate Office of Advocate Lukas Butryn provides comprehensive legal services in Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Adwokat Łukasz Butryn

What we do?

Prawo karne, karno skarbowe oraz karne wykonawcze

– defense in all types and at all stages of criminal proceedings;
– defense at the stage of executive proceedings;
– defense in penal fiscal cases;
– representing the aggrieved party at every stage of the criminal proceedings;
– legal assistance for detained persons.

Criminal, penal, fiscal and executive penal law

Prawo cywilne

– representation of individual and institutional clients in civil and enforcement proceedings against courts of all instances;
– preparation of lawsuits, applications, complaints, appeals in the field of property law, contract law and inheritance law;
– assistance in recovering debts;
– compensation and redress;
– preparation and analysis of civil law contracts.

Civil law

Prawo rodzinne

– establishing contacts;
– parental authority;
– alimony;
– divorces;
– establishing property separation between spouses;
– divisions of property upon termination of marriage;
– separation;
– representation of clients at the judicial and pre-trial stage.

Family law

Prawo gospodarcze i handlowe

– ongoing consultancy for business entities;
debt recovery;
– creating, giving opinions and participating in negotiating contracts;
– preparation of legal opinions;
– providing legal advice;
– legal services in bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings;
– establishment, registration and transformation of companies
– preparation of resolutions and other corporate documentation;
– registration of foundations and associations;
– preparation of pleadings and representation clients at the judicial and pre-trial stage.

Economic and commercial law

Prawo pracy i ubezpieczeń

– employment disputes;
– payment disputes;
– disputes related to the termination of an employment contrach;
– comprehensive service for employers;
– representation at the court and pre-trial stage.

Labor and insurance law

Prawo administracyjne

– preparing applications for permits and concessions, complaints and appeals against decisions of administrative bodies;
– representation against local government bodies, government administration, provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court;
– assistance in proceedings against enforcement authorities in administration;
– preparation all applications, motions and other letters in proceedings against administrative authorities;
– claiming compensation for damages caused by unlawful administrative decisions.

Administrative law

Prawo imigracyjne

– legal advice related to the purchase of real estate by foreigners on the territory of the Republic of Poland;
– legal assistance in obtaining a work permit in the territory of the Republic of Poland;
– legal assistance and arranging all formalities when submitting applications for temporary residence and settlement (temporary and permanent residence card) in the territory of the Republic of Poland;
– representation of clients in matters related to obtaining a long-term resident’s EC residence permit and for obtaining Polish citizenship;
– representation of foreigners in cases concerning the deletion of personal data contained in the list and the Schengen Information System;
– preparation of effective appeals against decisions denying foreigners the right of temporary or permanent residence in Poland;
– representation of foreigners before voivodeship administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court, as well as before offices and public administration bodies.

Immigration law